Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Birthday, Olivia!

Happy Birthday, Olivia! OK, I'm a few days late -- she celebrated birthday #93 on July 1, but even late it's worth the shout out to one of the greats of her era, and one of the last remaining cast members from "Gone With the Wind." (Is there anyone else alive outside of the girl who played Rhett and Scarlett's daughter? Let me know.) On this holiday weekend, honor the living legend by watching one of her great performances -- "To Each His Own" (Oscar #1), "The Snake Pit" (Oscar nomination), "The Heiress" (Oscar #2 -- both with Olivia above, reverently on the mantle -- do you think she's gloating that she has one more than her sister, Joan Fontaine? Or by using the mirror to make four she can pretend to have more than Bette Davis? I digress). I just led a discussion on "The Heiress" recently, and watching it for the first time on the big screen was a treat. I'll share more thoughts on that movie tomorrow, as Scarlett might say -- provided my Breakfast at Wimbledon with Roger Federer and Andy Roddick doesn't wear me out. Last year's final between Rog and Rafa Nadal did. Anyway, happy birthday Olivia!

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