Monday, August 31, 2009

'Chocolat': Oui Oui

Thanks to my four fans :) who voted in my poll. The winning movie (3 to 1) was "Chocolat," with Juliette Binoche. Or, according to one person who voted for the film, "It has Johnny Depp in it."

It's becoming clear to me that these votes were less about the food and more about the "eye candy." So, since I aim to please, here's a little concoction just for you three "Chocolat" fans:
And, to put an end to my month-long obsession with food since seeing "Julie and Julia," my mustard-cayenne pepper chicken breasts were a hit with our dinner guests this past weekend, as was the tortellini spinach salad. As for the recipes ... I'm happy to share. :)


  1. I voted for "Chocolat" though I did toy with the idea of putting in a write-in vote for "Soylent Green."

  2. Thank you for voting! And I should not have assumed that all voters wanted Johnny Depp as eye candy. Hmmmmm ... believe it or not, I have not seen "Soylent Green." I need to do so.