Friday, November 27, 2009

December Countdown

It wouldn't be December without a top 10 list.

As everyone prepares to name the year's best, I've decided to put my own twist on a year-end countdown. As the 12 days of Christmas approach, I'll be counting down my top 12 favorite actresses of the 1940s.

And it wasn't easy whittling my list down to 12! My "short" list contained 23 names, and I managed to round it out to 30 before chopping. When I got to 15, I realized I was in trouble and have been going back and forth on who would stay.

As always, any list like this is subjective. Plus, I'm looking just at this 1940s. Many actresses have careers that spanned multiple decades, and if considering their entire careers, some would rank high on my all-time list. But their output during the 1940s may put them below others whose sole decade of success was the 1940s.

Anyway, too much chatting for me. Hope you have as much fun with this as I am. So, next week, let the countdown begin!


  1. As you say, any list is subjective but can't wait to see what you lay out there for us!

  2. Thanks! Looking forward to presenting it.

  3. Looking forward to the list too. Hopefully the lovely Rita will be on it. But then I'm prejudiced that way.

  4. I know you are ... so you'll have to wait and see!