Sunday, July 18, 2010

Second Verse, Same as the First ...

Henry VIII, I'm not I'm not. However, thank you to everyone who took my recent poll. Looks like most of you are happy with what I'm doing. I'll see if I can incorporate the fans who want some themes/star profiles. Here's hoping year two is as productive as year one!

And I'm really diggin' my new look. Although it was suggested that the white text is hard to read on the black background, so I may be playing around in the next few weeks with font size and/or other colors. I hope the person who suggested that won't be disappointed if the tests don't work and I leave it as is.

I'll try and get Audrey of the Month up in the next few days. TTFN ...


  1. "Divorced, beheaded and died,
    divorced, beheaded, survived."
    I love that rhyme - makes one remember in what order Henry VIII got rid of his wives!

  2. Good question ... I can't remember the order in which he went through his wives. Perhaps I shoud watch "The Private Life of Henry VIII" again. Charles Laughton is so good, and I haven't seen it in more than 20 years.