Thursday, January 20, 2011

Audrey of the Month

After a month's hiatus due to my December countdown, Audrey of the Month is back!

With the recent Alfred Hitchcock blogathan (wasn't it great?), I decided to go with the closest thing to a Hitchcock film Audrey made, and that's "Charade." So here's a picture from that movie. I should have found one in color, but black and white gives an interesting quality to the photo. I can't put my finger on it.

I wish Audrey would have worked with Hitchcock, although she wasn't the icy blond that Hitch preferred. Still, think of the possibilities. Audrey in Marnie? Her and Sean Connery together would have been delicious at least to look at, but I'm not sure if the story would have been right.

Oh well, just watch "Charade" and enjoy her chemistry with Hitch fav Cary Grant.


  1. According to, Hitchcock was offered the rights to Frederick Knott's "Wait Until Dark." He had earlier filmed "Dial M for Murder," another of Knott's "damsel in distress" plays. I enjoyed the movie a lot but have to admit that it was largely down to the cast and plot and not any cinematic invention on the part of the director, who pretty much directed in the filmed play style. It would have been interesting to see what Hitckcock could have done to make it more lively cinematically (he seemed to have good luck doing this in movies based on plays) and also to see how he and Hepburn would have worked together. At that point he hadn't had a hit for a few years and it might have given his career a shot in the arm.

    I always think of "Charade" as the best Hitchcock movie Hitchcock didn't direct. The movie has so much to offer. She and Cary Grant had great chemistry despite the age difference. (Grant must have thought so too, because also according to he wanted her for his costar in "Father Goose.") There's a great supporting cast. The plot really keeps you on your toes. The settings really look and feel authentically French, unlike a lot of movies set in France. It also has some nice Hitckcock-like humor (the funeral) and even a chase across rooftops. Plus Audrey looks incredibly stylish with her updated and more mature look, as the photo you chose shows.

  2. As always, you are a wealth of information. I agree about "Wait Until Dark" ... it's very much a filmed stage play, and i like the comparison to "Dial M for Murder," which is confined to one set but doesn't feel stage (the same could be said of "Rope"). That's Hitchcock's touch with material like this.

    When I was younger and didn't know my film history, I mistakenly thought "Charade" was a Hitchcock film. I wonder if Hitchcock ever mentioned "Charade" as a film he admired.

  3. Interesting...Hitchcock and Hepburn...I think she might've worked in "NxNW" - blonde or not - had she gotten a makeover such as Eva Marie (who was wonderful in the film) was given... Audrey did play a sophisticated woman of compromised morals in "Tiffany's." Better yet...would've liked to see what Hitchcock would've done with "Charade" - more his cup of tea than Donen's.

  4. I agree ... She and Cary Grant had chemistry in "Charade," so "North by Northwest" may have been an ideal pairing. I do like Eva Marie Saint in that role, though. I wonder if Hitchcock would have enjoyed making something lite like "How to Steal a Million."