Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Here's looking forward to another year of watching great classic films. I actually watched several films between Thanksgiving and Christmas and transcribed my notes, so perhaps it won't be so difficult for me to be more regular than I was in the fall (gee, that sounds like an ad for constipation medication).

In addition, The Classic Movie Bloggers Association is presenting a great Alfred Hitchcock Blogathon on Monday, January 17! I think I counted 11 participating blogs on the list so far, and I'm one of them. Each of us will be tackling a different film. I'll post another reminder next week.

I've also got more early Humphrey Bogart films, I'd like to follow up my "Flying Down to Rio" post with more Astaire and Rogers (how I love them!), and I need to think about another Oscar-related series. Any suggestions?

In any case, go out and watch some classic films and drop me a line! I love hearing from classic film lovers like myself. And I posted a new icon for myself ... I'm feeling suave these days!

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