Monday, May 23, 2011

Audrey of the Month

Audrey with a deer ... my backyard should look so nice! Speaking of my backyard, thank you for your patience as we landscape, remodel a bathroom and install new kitchen counters, not to mention relatives visiting during all this (although that should be fun). So sit tight ... a new review should be coming before the end of the weekend!


  1. I feel for you CFB!
    I just recently had to endure a complete house restoration from the walls, floors to a gutted kitchen due to a massive flood. It's certainly trying but I hope you get things back to normal so you can enjoy this holiday weekend.

    And about those deer, they come right up in my yard nightly expecting to be fed by hand. While adorable it gets frustrating when they start expecting it then throw you a look when you walk right by and ignore their demands. (Yes, I'm certain they give me attitude)

  2. I can't image what you went through. As for the deer, how dare they give attitude after your generosity. They can forrage on their own.

  3. I love all your Audreys! She was sophisticated, beautiful and a joy to watch on film!

  4. I agree, and it's always nice to hear from an Audrey fan!