Friday, May 13, 2011

Coming This Sunday: 1939 Movie Blogathon!

I am very excited to be taking part in the Classic Films of 1939 Blogathon that begins this Sunday, May 15!

Members of the Classic Movie Blog Association have selected films from the golden year of 1939 to review on their blogs. Because so many of us are participating, the event is taking place over three days. You can check out the schedule on the CMBA web site.

My article is scheduled to be posted on Tuesday, May 17, but I encourage all of my readers to read the other participating blogs. The Alfred Hitchcock Blogathon this past January included so many thoughtful and well-written pieces that it was well-worth the time to read them.

Many, many thanks to the organizers of the 1939 Blogathon: Becky from ClassicBecky and Page from My Love of Old Hollywood. They have done a terrific job of organizing the event. In fact, Page has put together a post that contains the movie posters of 1939 -- check it out!

Enjoy the blogathon, and looking forward to hearing from you on Tuesday!


  1. Bryan,
    I look forward to your review on Mr. Smith Goes to Washington". Thanks so much for the mention. Becky and I have enjoyed putting this together so we hope everyone enjoys it.

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