Thursday, June 23, 2011

Audrey of the Month

Ah, Audrey. In the mass craziness of the past two months, this shot is so refreshing. I'm starting to finally feel the same way. Our kitchen is beautiful, the bathroom is ... almost done, and I'm working at my new desk right now. I'm also taking a four-day weekend!!! So, I better get some old movies in and some reviews written or I'll be a cranky CFB.


  1. Gorgeous picture - and: I just adore your blog -always a pleasure to visit..

    Have a great (and loooong) weekend!

  2. CFB,
    I wonder how old Audrey is there? She looks about 14.

    Good to see you back and it's great to hear that you've made great progress at Casa Filmboy. I totally understand the frustration while everything is being renovated but isn't it great when you can walk around and everything looks like you're living in a brand new home? Not that I ever want to go through it again. Have to tell you a funny experience I had that you will relate to. I was using a George Forman grill the 3 months my kitchen was ripped out so I was so thrilled when Lowes came with my new appliances. I was so excited to cook again that I ran out and got tons of stuff to bake that evening. When I went to turn the oven on though, All I heard was clicking. The delivery guys didn't plug it in all the way nor did they bother to see if it worked. Since I can't move a stove on my own I had to wait two more days. I'm sure you have many stories just like that.

    I look forward to your future posts. And congrats on getting your new kitchen, bathroom and your sanity back.

  3. What a beautiful picture of Audrey -- young and smiling -- no wonder it makes you feel good.

    I'm in a similar situation to yours, but different (huh?) I'm selling a hard-to-keep-up house built in 1920 that's falling apart, and looking for an apartment that is put-together and clean! Wish me luck that my "renovation" goes as well as yours!

  4. Hi Irene, Thank you for stopping by and being patient with my lack of posts in June! I appreciate your support.

    Page: Great story about the stove. I spent this past weekend putting my desk back together. It's really great. I bought a new desk that holds the computer and I'm making an "L" shape with a desk my dad used all while I was growing up. I've had it refinished and it's so cool to be actually using it now. I also have two windows next to the desk, so it's a great setup. My sanity has begun to creep back :)

    Hi Becky: Isn't it a great photo? Good luck on your house. I love old homes -- I own one -- but they take so much TLC (and cash!) to keep them up. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

  5. Thanks guy -- good to hear from you. Yes, I will miss my house, but TLC just isn't enough any more -- as they sang in Cabaret "Money, money, money, money" LOL! Sounds like you have some great stuff going!

  6. As Page called it, Casa Filmboy is looking a bit spiffier these days. And the upcoming weekend will help too. Congrats on returning to the Board! It's good to have you back.

  7. I adore Audrey, and I think it's a shame that she's EVERYWHERE now, because she's being capitalized on and I don't think she would like that. I believe that this is from her trip to Somalia, to film "The Nun's Story." Thank you for this beautiful photo.
    Lara (from backlots--

  8. I'm sorry, I mistyped--her trip to The Congo. Thanks again!

  9. I know what you mean. I wish she wasn't commercialized, but I guess almost all movie icons go through this. I do agree with you that this looks like it is from her trip to the Congo. Thank you for mentioning this!