Thursday, June 9, 2011

CFB Needs a Vacation!

If anyone says to me right now, "CFB, you really need to get a life," that person would be smacked on the back of the head with a frying pan and the body buried in the back garden.

OK, perhaps too extreme, but I have too much of a life right now! I don't even have time to watch a movie! So I decided to wallow in self-pity with all my readers -- yes, my generosity has no limits. And I'll enlist some famous icons to help tell my story of woe. Grab some tissues and get ready to cry like you're watching "Dark Victory" for the first time.

Yes, Jimmy, it's hard work being a senator. That pleading look on your face is just like the one I gave my boss recently. Please stop giving me all this work! I have a blog to maintain!

Oh, how I wish the bathroom remodeling project was as simple as throwing up a Gene Kelly shower curtain. Except this particular bathroom has no bathtub. And last fall we were singing in the rain after gutting the bathroom to find the window had turned into an indoor waterfall during one evening thunderstorm ... let alone the dripping from the ceiling. Nearly 10 months later, one window replacement, some rotting wood removed, new drywall hung, ceramic tile installed ... it's almost done and fit for a star!

If the bathroom project wasn't enough, my youngest niece graduated from high school, which meant a family party and an out-of-town guest. Aren't family gatherings as fun as the Marx Brothers? This was us squeezing into the remaining bathrooms. At least my sister loves old movies, so we let her stay for a week.

There will be NO DOGS digging in our garden. And Raymond Burr should stay out too, wheelchair or no wheelchair. Because the next phase of landscaping is almost done! Now if it would stop raining long enough to get the final plants in ... of course, that's when the drought will start.

Having a retro kitchen like Jennifer Jones and Robert Walker could be fun. However, we need to upgrade. And while working on the bathroom project, wouldn't you know that we found an amazing sale on granite countertops at Builders Surplus? So, tomorrow, along with landscaping and bathroom work, the new countertops are being installed........

After which, I'll be fitted for my spiffy new straight jacket just like James Cagney. The best part? I can ask someone to turn on TCM so I can watch movies for hours and drool on myself, because it won't be the good straight jacket. And then, maybe, once my hands are released and the feeling returns to them, I'll write another post. Oh, but next week my new home office desk arrives (I kid you not ... ) followed by a dinner party we're hosting (again, not kidding ... )

Somebody please save me! I need a Roman Holiday right now!


  1. A great selection of pix and scenes to depict your chaotic dilemma, Filmboy! I had an urge to chime in on the insanity that is my life these days...but this isn't about does sound as though once all your house & garden projects are complete, you'll have much to be pleased with and enjoy. One question before I forget - where did you get that pic of the (TCM gfx) "Singin' in the Rain" shower curtain?????? How about a Catalina Isle vacation? I'm thinking there's much classic film fan fun to be had just off the coast of L.A. -?

  2. Film Boy, It does sound like you have a lot going on. Loved the pictures that you added to your post. Don't worry, we will save your place. :)


  3. Hi Patty, Isn't it crazy? But I love our 1940s house, and each project just makes it all the more wonderful ... as long as my sanity remains in tact. As for the shower curtain, I found the picture on Google Images, so I'm not sure where the actual curtain comes from. I would LOVE a trip to Catalina. When we return to LA, that is definitely on my list, thanks to your wonderful post. Perhaps we should have a CMBA convention there ... ???

    Hi Dawn, thank you for saving my place! I do appreciate that. :)

  4. Filmboy, your opening line seems to have appealed to my appreciation for the lurid, what followed is a truly inventive way to vent your exasperation at having too many projects in the works. Speaking of Roman Holidays, I have been floating an idea past myself for a blog with just that theme, but this is one theme among half a dozen. Let us know how the new straight jacket works out; I might need to place my order soon.

  5. A CMBA convention on Catalina just might be called for, Brian...Our friend Kendra (Viv & Larry) just organized "A Weekend with the Oliviers" in GB (and, amazingly and among other things, Tarquin Olivier made an appearance) - I may ask her for some pointers.

  6. Hi Whistlingypsy, I bet a Roman Holiday blog would be amazing. I'd show up! I'll let you know if this straight jacket is good or perhaps another brand. Does Sears have one, perhaps in leather?

    That's great about Kendra's event. Yes, maybe she could help out. I do think we're growing enough that CMBA should meet, perhaps every two years. We should float this to Rick.

  7. If we do have a convention, I recommend we lay out all the name tags and try to match them to the attendees! As for your renovation project, perhaps it's time to watch MR. BLANDINGS again and then take a cruise when it's all done (but not on the ocean liners in BETWEEN TWO WORLDS, DEATH ON THE NILE, nor THE LAST OF SHEILA.

  8. Great idea! I wonder how well we'd do with the matching. I fully get Mr. Blandings :) Right now my computer is on a typing stand; we sold the computer hutch; my new desk comes Friday. However, I'm facing all of my movie books, which is very comforting! I would LOVE to take a cruise soon ... it could be "An Affair to Remember," without the getting hit by a car on dry land part.

  9. CFB,
    I just read Ivan G's post and his life is in the toilet over there literally! I told him that house restorations/chaos runs in threes like death, obviously.
    I feel for you two now that my place is finally back in order.
    Why in the world did you have to go and put such hilarious photos on here when I had my heart set to break for you Mister?

    Take all the time you need to find your sanity but for crying out loud don't go for that shower curtain! It's just awful.

  10. CFB, life certainly does get in the way, doesn't it? I've had a weird and busy month, and your post spoke volumes to me! Loved it!