Sunday, November 20, 2011

Audrey of the Month and More

Hi all ... here's a combined post of my Audrey of the Month and my prolonged absence from the blogging scene.

Audrey in "Breakfast at Tiffany's" ... sleeping never looked so elegant, despite the hissing of the cat, which must be jealous of her glamorous slumber.

As for me, I wish I had more to report regarding my disappearance. I'm healthy, working hard and enjoying life, although not having movies in it right now is causing some frustration. I must admit that yesterday was the first Saturday since September that wasn't booked solid, which felt weird but was pretty nice, particularly with the holidays looming just around the corner.

I ask my fellow bloggers and writers: Where and when do you find the time to watch movies and write about them? I'd love to hear what your routine is so I can perhaps improve my own. Honestly, I've always considered myself pretty organized, and perhaps I just need to say "No" more often. Maybe I should unleash unedited stream-of-consciousness blog entries just to post something, although I pity those who must read them :) And I do not write well at 2 a.m. -- I need my beauty sleep, just like Audrey.

The other part is finding the time to read all of the great blogs out there. As a member of CMBA, I feel it's important that we support each other. So when do you find the time to peruse all of these wonderful posts and leave comments?

If anything, just leave me a comment and let me know how you are doing. It would be great to hear from my fellow blogger friends.

Also, as I head into the holidays, I'm trying to figure out what to do with my annual 12 Days of Christmas movie countdown ... any ideas? I'd hate to not do it this year, and perhaps this will motivate me to jump right into it.

But first up is Thanksgiving, one of my favorite holidays. And we are the annual hosts ... I enjoy cooking so I've been planning the menu and now must head off to the store. Yes, I realize this is time I could be spending on watching an old movie. See my dilemma? :)


  1. CFB,
    It's so good to see you back! As for tips on keeping up with things. I'm probably not the best to answer since I usually stay at least two posts behind when reading what others have up. But I try to put at least an hour aside to focus solely on catching up on blog comments every three days. Of course it's usually late at night or early a.m.

    I guess the thing about blogging is I try not to get overwhelmed with really lengthy posts every time. I rotate my long photo reviews with filler (picture posts) then a bio to something else fun and easy. It keeps me sane.

    Coming up you can count your occasional Six Degrees star submission as a post too. I know I will. Ha Ha
    Glad you are happy and healthy. I'm looking forward to what your creative mind comes up with during the holidays (but no pressure)

    We all need away time to regroup, re-prioritize and deal with real life so no worries there. We've all done it.

    Now excuse me while I run around the room cheering "Brian's Back, Brian's Back!

  2. Hi, Brian, and welcome back. Believe me, I understand your dilemma. I have a horrendous commute and a fairly attention-consuming job...I try to sketch out ideas for blogs during any free time I have and at night and on weekends (which I battle to keep as free as I can). I try to make a point of going through the CMBA blogroll regularly to see what my fellow members are posting and to try to offer a comment or two that of some coherence. Sometimes it works...Glad you're back, Brian...

  3. Hi Page, Thank you for the cheers. I appreciate it and for sharing your routine.

    Hi Eve, thank you for your thoughts. Between you and Page, I think I need to set aside time i.e. Wednesday night is blog night and see if that works so it's not so overwhelming. I also should come up with a better mix of short and long posts so that I'm not killing myself trying to write weekly reviews/in-depth pieces.

  4. You know, Brian, our blogging community is just not the same without you! My tips on blogging are perhaps not what you are looking for. I'm not a very organized blogger. I do it by mood. Sometimes I turn out really intensive material, sometimes just fun posts. Some months I'll have 4 or 5, some, like last August, a lot! I try not to let 2 weeks go by without a post at the very least. Usually I average once a week. As a rule, I just get hit by an idea and go with that.

    As for keeping up with other blogs, I'm with you in being interested in staying current with other CMBA members. It's hard to find the time, but I try to do it at least every 4-5 days. Some people are so prolific that I just can't keep up with all of their posts, but I do pretty well. I'm truly interested, so I do the best I can. I must admit that if I have commented on someone's work a couple of times and have never received any response or reciprocation, I don't tend to go back. I don't mean that to be petty, just sensible. If they aren't interested, I have so many others that are, I just want to use the time for those.

    As you know, I've recently been AWOL myself for a bit, and it's tough to catch up. I just can't catch up everything, but I can now stay current with the every 4-5 days technique. I think everybody understands, because I think everybody has the same experience off and on! Don't sweat it too much -- your interest always comes through!