Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Favorite Audrey Movie Fashions: #5

Here are two similar looks yet each had its own impact.

In “Sabrina,” she wears black Capri pants, top and flats. It definitely makes her look like a dancer, which is her background, and she worked as a dancer in London after the war before she became a movie star. This look is so chic even today. It accentuates her long line so beautifully.

In “Funny Face,” she wears black again, except this time a high-neck sweater, tight trousers, loafers – and white socks. She dances a beatnik number, has plenty of fun doing so and starts yet another fashion trends.

It’s interesting that both movies showcase high fashion from Givenchy, yet these simple looks were just as fetching and memorable. That’s one secret of Audrey’s appeal, and I touched on it in my “Roman Holiday” fashion post: she looked fabulous in couture, but she also looked great in everyday wear and was down-to-earth in a way that people could identify with her.

Can you tell I’m swooning with each post? See you tomorrow!

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