Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Favorite Audrey Movie Fashions: #6

The lovely Audrey, in her first starring role, spends most of the film in a simple blouse/skirt combination, compliments of famed designer Edith Head, who won an Oscar for her efforts.

Outside of nightgowns and pajamas, or the clothes in the opening newsreel footage, Audrey has three outfits in the movie – the opening gown at the embassy ball, the blouse/skirt and the finale travel dress. All are marvelous, but I love the skirt/blouse combo because Audrey’s character is supposed to be “in cognito” in Rome and yet she should still look as befitting an undercover princess.

The combo is versatile – with her long hair and gloves, sleeves down, it looks classy; with the short hair, no gloves, sandals and a scarf, with sleeves rolled up, she looks more relaxed and blends with the crowd, even though the blouse and skirt don’t change.


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