Monday, December 19, 2011

Favorite Audrey Movie Fashions: #7

“Charade” was released in 1963, and Audrey looks so chic in her early ‘60s couture, designed by her favorite Hubert de Givenchy, a perfect marriage of designer and model. (I’ll talk more about them later this week.)

What I love best from this movie are all of the fabulous coats and matching hats (especially pillbox, popularized by Jackie Kennedy). That wonderful leopard print hat with the deep red coat is a stunner even today.

No wonder Cary Grant couldn’t resist her as she raced through Paris. Even though her character’s belongings were stolen at the beginning of the film, she still manages to look stylish with her replacement togs. (I hope the thieves stole her wimpole-like ski headpiece that she wears at the beginning of the film. I’m not a fan of that!)


  1. Givenchy gave Audrey a very Jackie look for CHARADE...I can't think of two greater style icons from the early '60s than those two very lovely ladies.

  2. I agree with you ... two lovely and stylish ladies.