Friday, March 9, 2012

Six Degrees of Separation -- Round 5

Page at My Love of Old Hollywood has come up with the Six Degrees of Separation game, and this is my first invite to play.

So, Michael at I Shoot The Pictures started this 5th round of our game. The object of Round 5 is to connect Asta the dog (also known as Skippy) with Desmond Llewellyn. Great one, Michael!

Page connected Asta to Topper Takes A Trip with Billie Burke.

ClassicBecky connected Billie Burke to A Bill of Divorcement with John Barrymore.

So, I'm connecting John Barrymore to Grand Hotel with Joan Crawford.

Now it's time for me to pick the next victim -- Dawn at Noir and Chick Flicks, it's on the way to you!


  1. OK.. I need a min. to think...

  2. CFB,
    lol Dawn is adorable!
    A great round!

  3. I dropped by this morning to let you know... I'm passing the"7x7 Link Award.", onto you. Because you are one of my favorite writers!! Please check back to Noir and Chick Flicks for more info.