Sunday, April 29, 2012

For Dawn at Noir and Chick Flicks

Let's collectively give our support to Dawn at Noir and Chick Flicks. She announced on her web site earlier in the week that she has been diagnosed with breast cancer. I have been following Dawn's wonderful site for many years, and she has been gracious enough to comment on many of my posts here at Classicfilmboy. I give her credit for being public with her announcement, and I know she will get through the next few months with her usual good spirit. Many of us in the Classic Movie Blog Association want to wish her well and are posting pink ribbons in her honor. Here's a link to the Breast Cancer Society for more information and to make a donation. Please join us in rallying support for our friend and colleague.


  1. Brian, Dawn has always been incredibly encouraging and supportive of her fellow CMBA members and I'm sure all agree that now is the time to offer our encouragement and support to her. I've got a pink ribbon up at my blog with a link to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation for those who may want to donate through that organization.

  2. My pink ribbon is up, and our dear Dawn is in my thoughts and prayers. She has always had one of the most entertaining blogs in the CMBA, and she is a great gal. Thank you for posting this note of support for her, CFB!

  3. Thank you you guys. I will treasure your friendship forever.. In my journey trying to catch up with everyone's blogs. I'm amazed at all the support..