Thursday, May 31, 2012

Audrey of the Month

Hi all ... my, has a month gone by without a post?? Is this really going to surprise anyone? This year has not been kind in terms of free time.

At least I barely made my Audrey of the Month post. I love this photo. I have a giant poster of this hanging on my office wall where I work. Our department is moving to a newly remodeled space (yea!), and yesterday was the last day in the old space. All I had left was Audrey hanging on the wall until the very end ... I couldn't take her down before then. And I was going to share a picture of my office with Audrey over my empty desk. But for embarrassing reasons the photo didn't turn out. Oh well. Such is life. She's now in my basement, and hopefully she will be back on my office wall soon!

The office move is a good thing and has taken up some time. However, I also was teaching a class that ended a few weeks ago. These are movie appreciation classes that are just for fun, so I develop everything, which takes time as well. It's a lot of fun, but what suffers is my blog. (And the fact that I'm three weeks behind on "Mad Men"!)

Rest assured, I'll be back. I'm participating in the William Wyler blog at the end of June, so that will motivate me to return to some regular posts.