Sunday, June 30, 2013

Audrey of the Month and Paris

Hi everyone! Yes, I've been MIA during the month of June, but I'm squeezing out a quick post showing my beloved Audrey in Paris. 

Why Paris? Well, last week I celebrated my 50th birthday, and as a present, we went to Paris. It was an amazing week; we had been there once before 15 years ago and always wanted to return. It finally happened and I can't wait to go back again. 

On my birthday, one of the places we went was Shakespeare and Company, the famed bookstore just across the Seine from Notre Dame. I was determined to find something to buy that was unique, and this is what I came across: 

It's a 1945 movie tie-in edition of the 1943 book "Nobody Lives Forever." The film noir was released by Warner Brothers and starred John Garfield. This book contains photos from the film and was used to help promote the movie upon its release. While I have not seen the film, I now must  search it out since I found this great book. I also had the store stamp the title page so I know where it came from: 

The trip and the book were great birthday gifts to myself. Now, back to reality ... and with luck new postings in July!