Sunday, December 29, 2013

Taking a Short Break

Hi Everyone! Yes, I am still around. My life is good but busy, and the blog unfortunately is an obligation to fulfill rather than an enjoyable hobby that I always meant it to be. 

Last week, I had decided to "retire" the blog. A good blogger must find the time to write interesting content -- in this case, watch a film, do some research and then translate my thoughts into words -- and to read other blogs, commenting on the content and striking up a dialogue with the writer. 

However, I'm just not ready to end Classicfilmboy. I really do love my blog, and it's something I want to continue doing. So, I've decided to take a short break until spring. I make no promises; at that point, I'll determine whether to continue or to stop. 

So, until then, here's a photo of my beloved Audrey with the late, great Peter O'Toole from the set of "How to Steal a Million." My thanks to those who have stopped by over the years and I do hope I will continue to see you in the future if and when I return (I'll be positive and emphasize "when")!