Saturday, December 13, 2014

My new house

Hi Everyone, 

I'd like to share some photos of my new house. Feel free to read my last post if you haven't already to get the background. 

The first shows the great room when we bought it -- yes, this is how we bought it. 

It may not look like much, but we saw the potential immediately. 

Now, here is the same room on Thanksgiving -- we moved in the weekend before: 

And here's the same room looking the opposite direction: 

Still can't believe it's ours. Very proud of it!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Mid-Century Modern Dream

Hi All ... just when I attempted a comeback, I had a setback LOL 

Actually, it wasn't a setback, just a sudden diversionary force in my life. In August, we bought a new home. We had been looking for a year and knew that when the right home came on the market, we'd have to act fast. 

And that's what we did. In early August, we saw the house on a Friday and bought it on a Sunday. How's that for fast?

In the past, we've owned old, traditional-style homes. Not this time. We bought a mid-century modern house built in 1960. It had nothing inside -- no walls, ceilings, flooring. Just the studs. And we loved it within 30 minutes of being there. 

After a four-month total renovation, we moved in right before Thanksgiving -- and hosted Thanksgiving, which many may think we are crazy. But I couldn't wait to cook in my new kitchen (10-foot island!!), plus we always host Thanksgiving. It may not look like the above home from "Mon Oncle" (I love that film), but it's ours and I still feel like I'm on vacation rather than fully believing that it's ours.

Anyway, all other parts of my life besides work have been neglected. Including my much-neglected blog. Sigh. I miss all of my blogging friends. And writing and reading about  films. But perhaps my year-long absence has been for the best, considering this wonderful house and the break that I needed. 

I'll take a few pictures of the house to share soon. In the meantime, if I haven't lost every reader I ever had, I miss everyone and hope to be back reviewing films soon!