Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Mid-Century Modern Dream

Hi All ... just when I attempted a comeback, I had a setback LOL 

Actually, it wasn't a setback, just a sudden diversionary force in my life. In August, we bought a new home. We had been looking for a year and knew that when the right home came on the market, we'd have to act fast. 

And that's what we did. In early August, we saw the house on a Friday and bought it on a Sunday. How's that for fast?

In the past, we've owned old, traditional-style homes. Not this time. We bought a mid-century modern house built in 1960. It had nothing inside -- no walls, ceilings, flooring. Just the studs. And we loved it within 30 minutes of being there. 

After a four-month total renovation, we moved in right before Thanksgiving -- and hosted Thanksgiving, which many may think we are crazy. But I couldn't wait to cook in my new kitchen (10-foot island!!), plus we always host Thanksgiving. It may not look like the above home from "Mon Oncle" (I love that film), but it's ours and I still feel like I'm on vacation rather than fully believing that it's ours.

Anyway, all other parts of my life besides work have been neglected. Including my much-neglected blog. Sigh. I miss all of my blogging friends. And writing and reading about  films. But perhaps my year-long absence has been for the best, considering this wonderful house and the break that I needed. 

I'll take a few pictures of the house to share soon. In the meantime, if I haven't lost every reader I ever had, I miss everyone and hope to be back reviewing films soon!


  1. Congratulations! I adore the mid-century modern look and feel. I live in a 1940s era bungalow! Such is life. Will we get to see pictures? Will we be invited for next year's Thanksgiving?

    1. :) Come on by next year. I'm posting a picture right now.

  2. I admire the vision and perseverance necessary to take on a home renovation. I suspect your creative side helped when faced with the (numerous) practical elements, such as choosing a refrigerator that works with the sink. Best of wishes enjoying your new home for many years to come.